• Play free as an Alpha pilot

  • Get 1,000,000 Skill Points - saving you 20 days of skill training

  • Commit further to EVE and your friend gets rewards

  • You receive rewards too when you recruit others

Choose your path

  • PvP

    Move through the ranks and join the FIGL military arm.  Solo roaming, small gang, black-ops, flash form defence fleets, full “call to arms” alliance fleets and fully committed capital battles.  PVP is the driving engine of Eve and FIGL is fully committed to exploring all forms of warfare available.

  • industry

    Once you dominate space then you must learn how to use it. Harvesting resources, deploying industrial infrastructure, and then providing production and research facilities. Provisioning internally for the alliance leads to self-reliance and heightened survivability.

  • leadership

    Over 15 years 100s of players have chosen to step forward to help lead FIGL. Alliance and corporation directors, ITS developers, recruitment managers, fleet commanders, captains of industry, scouts and diplomats. These are the people that truly lead FIGL. Their choices guide the alliance.

  • logistics

     Ensuring our doctrine equipment is available when needed so that when we fight, every pilot is confident that FIGL has a local market stocked specifically for their needs.  Importing the equipment demanded by our military and exporting our industrial wealth to market is fundamental to the FIGL economy.

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