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SCM defined


Those who fly in SCM are pilots that have come to know the nature of FIGL and made the informed choice to join the FIGL alliance. By choosing this path SCM pilots have accepted the inevitable exposure to PVP content that this will bring.


This is a choice! With this choice there comes a weight of responsibility to the alliance.


By making this choice these pilots have acknowledged that FIGL management will be able to rely upon them to serve as part of our military division.

The expectations that FIGL will have of SCM pilots are simple but they will directly affect the game that these pilots play and influence their developmental path.

FIGL expects that SCM pilots...

  • 1 - Will deploy equipment and clones to those locations indicated by FIGL leadership as areas of operation.

  • 2 – Will endeavor to train into alliance doctrines and invest in the purchase of those doctrines or complimentary ships as best matches your SP at the time.

  • 3 – Will contribute to the best of their ability to achieve alliance objectives.


  • OP Participation

  • Logistics

  • Intel Gathering

  • Recruitment Support


By serving SCM these pilots will gain appreciation and recognition from the entire FIGL community. They will be given access to any SRP and/or other alliance issue resources. In addition, SCM members are eligible to be nominated by SSS members for advancement to SSS.

Next Steps

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