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Learning never exhausts the mind

To play Eve is to constantly march along the path towards increasing your understanding.  There is over 15 years of history that not one single person knows all.  There are 358 ships types in Eve and over 5000 modules to fit upon them.  The number of possible permutations for ship fitting is not known.  There are 7800 systems in Eve and only a few players can claim to have visited them all.  In 2014 Eve set the “most concurrent participants in a multiplayer video game PvP battle” world record and since then has held and reset that record 3 times.
If you are going to play this amazing game then learning for you will need to become as swimming is to a fish!


Get the 

Most out of EVE

Whether you are a new player or an experienced veteran there is always more to learn in Eve.  Flying Dangerous is committed to creating an open learning environment.  Senior pilots are willing to answer the questions fielded by new players.  Fitting theory craft sessions erupt regularly on comms multiple times per day.  Frequent training fleets with pre-fitted vessels depart on roams for the specific purpose of teaching inexperienced pilots.  New FC’s are given access to lead fleets in a supportive environment with ships provided and mentoring support.  Fleet after action reports are available through discord to promote discuss and understand.

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