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looking to Join Flying Dangerous?

Flying Dangerous is a great place to start your Eve-online career.  Within the ranks of FIGL you will find a full spectrum of players from all over the world.  From new players just beginning their journey through Eve to hardened veterans that were part of Eve when the servers were first turned on in 2004.  FIGL is an organisation of people that are passionate about assisting new players, developing the Eve community in general and playing Eve to its fullest.

SSS - Southern Cross Shields

Leadership, FC's, 

Scm - Southern Cross monopoly

Senior pilots, Doctrine Discipline

Sce - Southern Cross empires

Non-war dec'able, Entry Corporation for all Indy & PvP

Scft - Southern Cross flying tigers

Our Chinese Pilot Corp

the universe is yours

As a recruit you will find FIGL offers numerous resources that will assist your development in the directions that you choose.  If you are a returning veteran, you can step straight into nullsec content and engage in the demanding process of defending and developing our sovereign systems.   If on the other hand you are a new player, you are free to progress through the ranks at a pace that suits you.

Take advantage of our cruzah/training fleets, emergent fleet PvP, growing industrial park, highly developed nullsec holdings and a whole community of experienced, inclusive players.

FIGL will not tell you how to play the game!  It will open options for you to choose from and allow you to find your own path.

why join flying dangerous


  • active forums

    Fits, fleets, comradery, and alliance announcements.  This is our central communication hub.

  • Voice comms

    EVE can be a lonely place.  Whether you're looking to form or join a fleet or just have someone to chat with while in game.

  • learning & classes

    This is a cornerstone of FIGL.  You will have the opportunity to learn both by doing and watching vids.

  • alphas welcome

    We welcome new and veteran pilots regardless of your current skill or subscription level.

  • small gang warfare

    Small to medium sized small gang warfare is our speciality.  Have great fights while mostly avoiding "Tidi"

  • industry & isk

    We specialize in PvP, but everyone needs to make isk.  Learn and make money along side of the most prolific in EVE.

  • ship replacement

    Work your way up through the ranks to qualify for our ship replacement program.  All "Cruzah fleet" ships are provided.

How to apply

If you are interested in discussing your options with a recruiter then…

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