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Flying Dangerous offers regular classes that are free and open to the public. You can join one of our classes by simply following these steps:

1. Check the calendar below for the next available class time

2. Before the class starts, join our Teamspeak server at ts.flyingdangerous.com

3. Join the channel called "Public Classes" To reach someone in-game, simply join the "Relaxed Recruitment" in-game channel

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Link Coming Q4 2021

Newbies 101

This class focuses on showing the basic concepts of finding your whereabouts in space, setting up an overview and understanding what the heck that voice on Teamspeak means by ‘align to top station’.


D-Scan 101

This class focuses on getting more than the basic functionality out of your directional scanner. This goes a long way towards teaching situational awareness as well as the necessary skills to go out and hunt for targets, or help keep yourself safe.


Fitting 101

This class focuses on showing the different concepts and ideas behind fitting ships, mostly focusing on the different styles and aspects of tanking, mobility and EWAR.


Fleet Behavior 101

This class focuses on the basic behavior necessary for taking part in any fleet activity in EVE. This includes behavior on coms, understanding FC commands and advanced navigation to not get lost during sometimes swift transitions from one target system to another.

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To ask questions about classes, join the "Relaxed Recruitment" channel in-game