Flying Dangerous (FIGL) is a community that was created back in the 2000s. It consists of Southern Cross corporations that are all united under one leadership. FIGL is focused upon providing a welcoming environment into eve-online for both new players and returning veterans. Our core love is PVP as we believe conflict is the foundation of everything that happens in EVE, however we also branch out into all the areas of PVE that are available. FIGL is a community that encourages you to play “Your Game” and not tell you what that game is. FIGL has been a stepping stone for many pilots into Eve and we take as much pride in their achievements after they move on as when they were in our ranks. Once you are FIGL… you are branded FIGL and will always have a home here.

the pillars of flying dangerous



    PVP is the central pillar of every SCI, SCT and SSS pilot.  When the first corporations began to be founded 15 years ago the driving cause was PVP.  PVP is the driving engine of all content in Eve.  PVP pushes us to coordinate, to rely upon each other, to celebrate each other’s achievements, to interact with and befriend other entities and to prosecute those individuals and entities with whom we stand in opposition.

    Without PVP this community would not exist.


    The senior members of FIGL have all acceptance these pillars before being voted into their positions.

    To PVP is to know what they are flying and why, to always challenge themselves to improve, to welcome defeat as a chance to learn, to celebrate and respect the achievements of their rivals and to share their victories with companions on the field.

    As a FIGL pilot every moment they spend playing Eve reflects this understanding. No matter where they are or who they might be flying with, other pilots know they can depend upon them to adhere to this pillar.



    This pillar is fundamental to the strength of FIGL and should be considered the collagen of our community.  Any public action that undermines our integration (no matter how it is justified) weakens us.  FIGL today is an inclusive organisation.  Although there is an argument to be made that drama and upheaval are parts of the game (and part of our own history apparently) it is leaderships intention to redirect this negative sentiment into constructive forms.  There is absolutely no doubt that there are going to be people in this community that do not like each other.  That is just how people are.  If you find yourself disliking someone, try to understand that “it’s your weakness and you need to deal with it”.  This is not Lord of the Flies…  collective prosecution is not a part of leaderships MO!

    The other aspect of integration is assisting people to form bonds within the community.  As a member of FIGL you should be on the front line in this regard.  Help people find the information they need, generate the information, introduce people to each other, invite people to share ingame experiences, compel the needy to become the self-sufficient and ENSURE people adopt and use our communication systems.

    You do not have to like everyone but FIGL expects you to get the best out of everyone.



    The flow of information and how we individually and collectively use that information as an alliance is fundamental to how we engaged with each other and Eve.  Many of the tools that you have available to you are obvious.  Reading the killboard (really reading it), Dotlan, dev blogs, patch notes, streamer channels, ingame intel channels, forums, discord and voice comms.

    These information sources are a collaboration by people to report and interpret information which then enables others to make decisions.  The decisions that come out of a system like this will only be as good as the information that is fed into them and the analytical techniques of those who interpret it.

    As a FIGL pilot you are expected to not just to gather information for you own purposes, you should interpret and report this information in the clearest terms possible in order to maximise the speed and accuracy of decision making for others.


    Try to be aware of information source as much as possible.  Be cognitive of the potential for personal bias that often comes with this information and call it out.  The hubris and misestimation of others can often lead you and your fleet to an unwelcome collision with reality.



    Everyone in FIGL can lead.  Understanding what this means for you is a personal thing.  We each have different strengths and positions in this alliance.  Some of those positions are dictated for us and some of those positions evolve as a direct consequence of those peoples developing strengths.

    “A Leader is defined by their behaviour and actions”

    No one else can tell you how you lead, you will decide that for yourself.  Leadership is obvious when you see it but difficult to prescribe when it is absent.


    To achieve this Pillar for myself I identify something I am passionate about, pursue that as best I can and then invite others to join me.  This works for me, it may or may not be your leadership style.

    What leadership “is not” is being solely reliant upon others for an activity or goal that you wish to achieve.  Regardless of what that is…  logistics, ISK, FCing, PVE, fleets, etc… all of us can make these things happen and FIGL expects that you as a leader will develop your own style of leadership to achieve them!


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